We want to give everyone a simple, convenient, and safe way to access the best doctors and treatments.

Rethink the way you do health

Rosemary is reinventing the future of healthcare, and it’s our mission to offer treatment that’s more accessible, convenient and efficient for all Australians. We believe we’re only years away from a future where more healthcare services are provided remotely rather than in person. At Rosemary, we’re making this future a reality.

Convenient and efficient

Forget the run-around and hours spent in waiting rooms. If you need a new script or have questions about your treatment, it’s simple to connect with a doctor through Rosemary. We respect your time, so give you the option to access healthcare when and where it suits you.

Focusing on your unique needs

Rosemary’s platform streamlines the healthcare process for doctors. By collecting a patient’s medical history, flagging risk factors and contraindications and checking in with patients, doctors have more time to personalise treatment and focus on your unique needs.

Medication delivered to your door

We’re all about making healthcare as convenient as possible; that’s why we work with pharmacies nationwide to deliver personalised treatment to your door. We’ve made the process easier for pharmacies too, who can use the Rosemary platform to work directly with doctors to ensure you can experience seamless care.

Designed by a team who understands

We built Rosemary because we've been there. We’ve spent hours in crowded waiting rooms. We’ve had the awkward conversations. And we’ve also felt rushed through consultations, coming out of them feeling like we weren't really heard. For some, the healthcare system can feel like a frustrating and uncontrollable ride, and we want to make that a thing of the past.

What we stand for

We’re on a mission to be a patient’s first port of call for their health needs, and to do this, we’ve made sure that safety underpins everything we do.
We believe that everyone deserves access to high quality healthcare, regardless of their race, location, gender, sexual orientation or financial situation.
Continuous care
Healthcare shouldn’t be a series of disjointed and impersonal interactions, but an ongoing partnership between patients and their health team towards a common goal.
The future of healthcare will be driven by technology, where providers are empowered to assist patients more easily in the times they need it most.
Transparency builds trust. We make sure to be clear about every step in our process, because we believe it’s important for you to know everything about your healthcare.

Let’s make Australia healthier, together.

Join us and make a difference in the way we do health.
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