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Acid reflux

Proton pump inhibitors reduce the production of acid by the stomach.


Acne topical and oral prescription treatment options available.

Asthma & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Preventative and acute treatment of asthma and COPD. These treatments are aimed at minimising symptoms and improving overall lung function.

Blood pressure & Heart

Treatment to manage blood pressure to reduce the risk of heart disease & stroke.


Treatment to manage high cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart disease & stroke.

Cold & Flu

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Cold sores

Get antiviral tablets that can shorten the duration of tingling, blisters, irritation of cold sore by inhibiting the virus ability to reproduce.


Contraceptive pill delivered with branded and generic options available at low pharmacy prices.


Oral tablets prescribed to help manage diabetes. We do not deliver insulin injections as it requires cold chain delivery.

Erectile dysfunction

Oral medication that has PDE5 inhibitors that are used as “first line of therapy”.


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Preventative treatment for those who suffer from frequent episodes of the condition and acute treatment options for the odd gout flare up.

Hair loss

Topical and oral prescriptions to help prevent baldness and regrow hair.

Hay fever

Antihistamine and prescription nasal sprays for the treatment of allergic rhinitis & hayfever.


Antiviral medication for both episodic and suppressive purposes.


Oral medication to help manage and normalise your low thyroid hormone levels.


Oral prescription to help with bladder control.


Treatment such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) controls the symptoms of menopause.

Mental health

Oral prescription for anxiety, depression, and OCD.


Oral prescription for preventative and acute management.


Prescription medication that works to support bone strength.

Premature ejaculation

Prescription oral & topical medication.

Rashes & Other skin conditions

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Reflux & Digestion

Oral prescription to help manage your gastrointestinal conditions.

Sleep & Insomnia

Medication to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Weight loss

Daily treatment that makes metabolic reset & shedding weight easier by regulating appetite.

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